How to find original saffron

Buying saffron in Sri Lanka becoming a fashion and we can see a lot of online buying ways of saffron. But most of the vendors selling fake saffron. So in this article, we are going to give guidelines to avoid fake saffrons.

1) Identify the  original saffron from the branches
If you want to identify the saffron, the Best way to look at the branches first to determine the true saffron. This is the best way to identify true saffron. Saffron has three branches, the upper part is like a trumpet. As you move into the upper part, you will notice that the trumpet is narrower.

2) Stigmas to identify true saffron

The stigmas should not be very shiny when we are searching for fake saffron. Its the main point of identify true saffron using stigmas. If you find the stigmas are shiny then you should send it to the laboratory for determining the originality of the saffron.

3) Look at the color of the saffron.

High-quality saffron appear dark red. There should be no color variation. If the yellow style can be viewed, it means that it hasn’t been removed and while it has no culinary benefit, it certainly adds to the weight. So the real saffron will be pure dark red and no any other colors within the pack.

4) Smell saffron a bit


You will experience a sharp smell. You know what Honey smells like, and you also know what hay smells. It is like a mix of hay and honey aroma.

5 ) Add into the water

Put Saffron into the water and check after half an hour. In some time, it will color the water. But what’s the magic of real saffron? so can the fake one. However when you take the thread our of water, it wouldn’t have lost its original color, whereas if is fake, it would completely be lost its added color, and it will change the color look.

6)  Using baking soda

A very interesting test is to add a little baking soda in water and mix it with saffron. The mixture will turn yellow if its Pure Saffron. The fake one will turn a red color.

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