Hair Care

Saffron is perfect in hair care of all hair types. It improves condition of both scalp and hair, positively influences inner and outer structures of the streaks. It restores split ends and regenerates damaged hair. It provides smoother, deep moisture and gloss. Saffron protects hair against harmful external factors, sun radiation, salty and chlorinated water and some ingredients of cosmetics (SLS, ammonia). It additionally limits sebum secretion by sebaceous glands located in the scalp, limits hair loss and strengthens roots and follicles.

And do you know, how to properly use saffron to achieve enumerated effects?

Saffron Benefits For Hair

Antidote for hair damages

Add one teaspoon saffron strands crushed or a little saffron powder to almond oil or olive oil in a bowl. Heat on low flame for 5 minutes. Once it attains room temperature, pour it into a bottle and store. Day by day, the beneficial ingredient present in saffron gets mixed with the oil gradually. Shake the bottle well and apply a little quantity over the scalp and hair regularly. This will protect the hair from damage and promotes hair growth as well as arresting hair fall.


Home remedy for alopecia

Hair loss can be combated using saffron since it is loaded with abundant quantity of antioxidants. It repairs hair follicles and promotes hair growth. It was found to be one of the best treatments for alopecia. Soak well a few strands of saffron to milk and add licorice powder to it. Mix well to make a smooth paste. Apply this over the scalp and hair. Leave for few minutes and wash gently.


Have your used saffron in your beauty regimens? If not, it is time to utilize it!