About Saffron Lanka

Saffron Lanka is specialized only on whole red thread Persian saffron in the world. Our mission has been always dedicated to offer the premium quality saffron and top saffron grades. Our Saffron is harvested from Organic Saffron Farms and its 100% Natural red Threads exclude any chemical or preservatives.

For Millennia, a rich purple flower has grown in the Iran, valleys of Kashmir, fields of Spain, and Mediterranean-like shrub lands of the world. Its delicate tendril-like threads, are one of the Most prized substances traded by humankind.

The king of spice, saffron is revered in Greco-Roman frescoes and was used in ancient medicinal arts. Its rich aroma, its noble appearance, what it represents, and what it offers have long been prized by the elite, not only for flavoring dishes, but also for promoting beauty.

Our Persian Saffron is made up of all red stigmas which have been professionally cut and separated from the style by hand, making sure there is absolute no break or damage to the saffron threads. It’s then Naturally Flash-Dried, a method Persian Premium Saffron has used and perfected, meaning it’s dried so fast that it loses no taste, vitamins, or nutrients and minerals in the process. You can test the quality of our saffron with just your eyes and nose. As soon as you open each of our Premium Quality saffron packages you will experience an amazing natural bloody red color comes along with the smooth nice smell of this magical spice that spread all over the place, Which strongly prove that our Saffron has no artificial components and its 100% Natural and High quality. The deep natural red color is rated as “Grade 1 Saffron” in the world and it comes with an inspiring smell which you can find this combination only in our Saffron.